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Separation anxiety is common in many dogs and can leave your home destroyed. Learn more about what separation anxiety is, the signs, and how to help your dog stop these behaviors. Steve Lankfer can help you learn more about training your dog through Speak Dog!™


Your dog communicates in many different ways, like body language, whines, growls, and barking. But what does their barking mean and how can you better control it? Read more to find out!                                                        


Eating with your family shouldn’t be interrupted by your dog’s whines or pawing. To learn how to curb your dog’s appetite for your people food, read our blog and watch Steven Lankfer give you tips on how to stop your dog from begging!


Trying to train a dog that bites can be extremely difficult, if not a little bit dangerous. Whatever their reason for biting is, the behavioral habit can be reversed with attention, care, and established leadership. To find out more, read our blog and subscribe to Speak Dog!™ to watch Steve Lankfer talk about training solutions!


Chewing is something every dog does, but destructive chewing can be a big problem. Teach your dog what they can and can’t chew on—subscribe to Speak Dog!™ and learn from Steve Lankfer today!                                                                                                                                              

Coming When Called

Getting your dog to understand instruction when you’re inside is easy, but once your dog is outside there are so many stimuli, it’s nearly impossible to instruct your dog. For information on how to get your dog to come to you when it’s called, read our blog!                                                                  


Digging is a problem that many dog owners deal with. To get your dog to stop digging, you must first understand why they dig! Learn more and get tips from Steve Lankfer to train your dog not to dig!




Many dogs jump when their owner or a guest enters the home. This can be annoying and potentially dangerous. Learn how to train your dog out of this habit with tips from Steve Lankfer and subscribe for Speak Dog!™ now!



Pulling On The Leash

Walking your dog can be a great time to bond with them. But what do you do when they start to pull on the leash? How do you establish the authority to make them stop? This can be tricky because you have to tap into their migrating instinct. To learn more, watch Steve Lankfer talk about the neurological placement of migration instinct, and read more in our blog!

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