Leadership Training

Become a Loving Leader

Build Trust So You Can Bond With Your Dog

Training your dog isn’t about asserting dominance — it’s about building trust as a foundation for the rest of your training, which starts by connecting with your dog on their level. Being connected with your dog is important for their sense of safety, security, and development. How can you connect with your dog? You can begin learning how to speak THEIR language with the help of Speak Dog! 

Understand your dog’s neurological language and unique needs by providing them with the communicative leader and secure environment that they need to live happy and healthy lives. Take a look at our subscription memberships below, and sign up today. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about our dog training services — we can’t wait to help you transform you and your pup’s relationship!

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Lead Your Dog to Build Successful Behaviors

  • Establish common commands
  • Understand the way your dog communicates
  • Communicate effectively with your dog
  • Get the support you need from Steve and the Speak Dog! community
  • Become fluent in being your dog’s leader 
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Establish Leadership With Your Dog

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Build Off a Foundation of Trust

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Improve Your Dog’s Well-Being

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Strengthen Your Bond

Making Humans’ Lives Easier and Dogs’ Lives Better

When you start taking the necessary time to train your pup, you’ll notice that the relationship dynamic between you and your furry companion actually improves. It’s hard work, and we won’t tell you otherwise, but it is some of the most rewarding and fulfilling work you could ever do. You become closer with your pup, and your dog trusts you more and looks up to you in a way it never did before. Let us help you on your dog training journey with our following offerings:

Dog Training Services We Offer

Basic Subscription Leadership Training

The Virtual Basic Subscription Leadership Training gives you access to the first seven videos in the Speak Dog! library. They address some of the most common issues that dog owners have, and give you tips on how you can overcome them. 

Full Subscription Leadership Training

Get a more personalized approach to virtual dog training with the Full Subscription Leadership Training course. Gain exclusive access to all of the training curriculum videos and materials and gain personal access to Steve Lankfer himself for once-a-month guidance and insight.

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In-Home Orientation

This is a one-time visit to your home that assesses your dog’s current success in social skills and how neurologically stable or unstable they are. This course also assists the owner in helping them assert themselves as their dog’s leader, thus building a genuine relationship that can be trusted for 100% obedience, 100% of the time.

Immersion Program

The Goal-Based Obedience Training Program includes everything that is included in the Immersion Program plus five agreed-to, in-writing goals. These goals are typically higher performance, higher functioning obedience commands, which are all backed by 100% obedience, 100% of the time.

Goal-Based Obedience Training

This six-week program consists of the one-time, In-Home Orientation and provides the dog owner direct access to Steve Lankfer for six straight weeks. Plus, you get access to all of the principles in Speak Dog!’s chapters 9 and 10. In-home dog training can be a very effective tool in getting to know your pup and effectively eliminating bad behaviors.

Problems caused by a lack of leadership in dogs

  • Over-protectiveness and territoriality
  • Possessive behavior, where the dog “guards” people and valued items
  • Age-inappropriate rowdy or destructive behavior
  • Nervous and neurotic behavior
  • Attention-seeking behaviors
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Become the leader that your dog needs you to be with the help of Speak Dog! Gain access to information that allows you to strengthen your knowledge of how to train your dog and personalized tools that help you establish a leadership role in your dynamic with your pup. To learn more about our dog training programs, give us a call today.

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