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Steve’s Approach to Dog Training

As Steve says in his book How I Learned To Speak Dog, “My job is to interpret — for my species — the intentions of another. Then, in turn, teach you how to communicate your expectations back again. Though the job is unusual, the task is not impossible. In fact, becoming fluent in canine only requires the understanding of a single human word; ‘CONNECTION’.” Steve Lankfer directly helps dog owners everywhere understand how they can better communicate with their dog, building a better relationship and overall better companionship. Check out our Leadership Training programs now.

International Best Selling Author Steve Lankfer

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Steve Lankfer compiles all of his professional insight and years of personal experience into one book so dog owners everywhere can access dog training techniques that actually work! How I Learned to Speak Dog covers Steve’s thoughts on why it’s important to understand your dog and how you can do it yourself.

Learn how to become your dog’s leader and provide them with the neurological support they need to be the best companion they can be. Check out How I learned to Speak Dog today, or check out any of our Leadership Training programs to better understand how you can train your dog for 100% Obedience, 100% of the Time.

What Speak Dog! Offers


Expertise From Professional and Personal Experience


A Deeper Understanding of How Your Dog Thinks


Tools to Build a Better Relationship With Your Dog

Steve’s Story

Steve is a man of many accomplishments. His LinkedIn profile describes him as a hockey-playing triathlete with an MBA from Notre Dame, a certified metabiotic trainer, an entrepreneur, and a business owner. But there’s more to Steve than that — just ask his dog Bella (and countless grateful dog owners). Steve is, in a roundabout way, a language instructor. Early on, as a child in Grand Rapid, Michigan, he found he had a special way with dogs. Through the years, and with the help of a master canine instructor, that “special way” grew into intimate teamwork of trust between man and canine.

Steve grew to realize that every dog has an instinctual drive to follow, interact with, and protect the one they look up to for leadership. He began to understand that “man’s best friend” isn’t looking for a friend at all — he’s looking for a leader. It was then that Steve found his unique, teachable approach to communicating with dogs on their level developing seven sacred ways to help people learn what he’d discovered over the past 20 years. Ever since, he’s been helping people become more fluent in “dog,” showing them how to connect with their dogs in a way that taps into their pet’s innate behavior, and uses it to build a happier, healthier relationship built on trust and obedience.

7 Sacred Ways

Every dog is unique in its needs, personality, and approach to learning. There are several common things that many dogs, and more specifically dog owners, struggle with. 7 Sacred Ways covers common obstacles that dog owners face when training their dogs and building a healthy relationship with them. From Dining Etiquette, Doorways, and Jumping to Anxiety, Biting, Begging, and Dog Walking (Migrating) you’ll learn some basic techniques to eliminate bad habits and establish better ones. Learn more now.


Leadership Training

At Speak Dog!’s core is the ability to train dogs on the foundation of leadership and trust. Using various obedience and reward-based training techniques in tandem with leadership training techniques, Speak Dog! prepares you with the information and tools that you need to not only understand your dog but communicate with them on a deeper level. Understand your dog’s neurological language and unique needs by providing them with the communicative leader and secure environment they need to live happy and healthy lives. Check out our programs now.

Speak Dog! is an inclusive community that any dog owner anywhere can access and join. From effective dog training programs and technique resources to an online dog training community, Speak Dog! is here to support you and your pup! Join Speak Dog! in our mission to create better companionship between dogs and their owners.

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